18 Times People Posed With Sculptures And Basically Won Life

You may think about statues and sculptures when you think about going to museums.

The truth is that they’re actually in more places than you would think, but they often go unnoticed. In fact, it’s hard to find a public park or location that doesn’t have some form of art for passersby to appreciate. In addition to appreciation, however, some people like to get a little creative with the ways they interact with statues. The results? Some pretty hilarious pictures. We’ve got 18 of the best right here.

1. That’s the kind of picture that takes commitment. I just wish there were some kneepads involved here.

2. Oh, you know, just slipping one of the founding fathers a bill with his face on it. Very casual.

3. So it’s not a person in the photo, but it’s no less genius.

4. All I can say is “awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

5. All the single ladies, all the single ladies!

6. This is one fight I’m not quite sure he can win.

7. “Step aside, he’s mine!”

8. This is what I wish would happen to me every time I try to exercise. Carry me home, bear!

9. Naughty! Don’t you know that’s inappropriate, mister?

10. That looks like it would definitely hurt.

11. Don’t kill Spidey! He’s our only hope!

12. My bet is on the triceratops, but I think the snowman will put up a decent fight.

13. “You’re coming, whether you like it or not.”

14. Technology’s changed a lot in the last hundred years, so these statues have some catching up to do.

15. There’s still time to get away! Save yourself!

16. She doesn’t even suspect that she’s in danger.

17. Her photo caption says, “There’s a reason people don’t take me to nice places…”

18. That’s the biggest drinking fountain in the world. Ah, refreshing!

(via BoredPanda)

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Article originally posted by Viral Nova.