Breaking: Olympic Diver Gets Literally Zero Points After Unfortunate Backflip

Russian Olympic diver Nadezhda Bazhina has had a storied career, winning multiple gold medals at several European Championships over the years, which probably makes her showing at Rio all the more tough for her to swallow.

Competing in the 3m-springboard preliminary round, the accomplished diver appeared to lose her footing when she sprung from the diving board while competing on August 13. While she seemed to regain momentum during the jump, even accomplishing several flips, when she landed in the water, she landed back first.

And because of that, she walked away with a disappointing score of zero.

Commentators were quick to judge Bazhina harshly for her performance.

A BBC commentator said, “Ooooh. So what happened is Bazhina landed with basically one foot on the board, the other one has slipped right off the side, and that killed her takeoff. No height. Wow. That is calamitous.” Others reportedly even started laughing.

Bazhina isn’t the first athlete to have a pretty disastrous performance during the Rio Olympic Games. Australian runners Luke Mathews and Jeff Riseley went into the Olympics with high hopes, but after competing, they were mocked for their sluggish performances, with running times well above their personal bests.

Here’s to hoping that Bazhina is as good a sport about her performance, because it truly is an honor just to be competing in the Olympics at all. Watch it all go down in the video below!

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