Don’t Date Someone Who Makes Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be

Don’t date someone who adds stress to your life. Someone who makes you feel even more anxious. Someone who makes your life harder than it has to be.

Don’t date someone who makes you nervous to walk through the door, because you know they’re going to ruin your good mood. Someone you aren’t excited to tell about your day, because you know they’re not going to react the way you wish they would.

Don’t date someone who turns every little thing into a problem. Someone who creates drama over the most ridiculous things when you were expecting a relaxing date night. Someone who keeps giving you more and more reasons to complain to your friends.

Don’t date someone who expects you to take care of them, to baby them when they’re sick, to nurse them when they’re drunk — and won’t return the favor when you’re the one who needs a helping hand.

Don’t date someone who refuses to share the workload of life. Someone who expects you to come home from your job and go straight to the sink to do the dishes and make a meal and do any other extra chores around the house, because they aren’t willing to take care of it themselves. Because they think you’re the only one who should be putting in effort.

Don’t date someone who makes you feel like you have to tiptoe around their feelings or else they will explode. Someone who makes you feel like you’re always wrong, like you never do anything right, like you’re lucky they even waste their time with you.

Don’t date someone who makes you feel like you’re a horrible person. Like you’re not good enough. Someone who either purposely or inadvertently causes you to break down and cry and question your own worth.

Don’t date someone who makes you wonder if relationships are really worth it in the end. Someone who makes you daydream about the single life, because honestly, things were easier when you were on your own.

Date someone who enhances your life. Someone who makes you excited to get up in the morning, excited to come home from work, excited to go out on the weekends.

Date someone who makes your life easier. Someone who will do a load of laundry for you when you’ve been swamped with other stuff. Someone who will surprise you with a home cooked dinner. Someone who will pick you up when your car breaks down.

Date someone who will be your shoulder to lean on when you’ve had a rough night and all you want to do is cry. Someone who will encourage you to get back up again when you want to give up hope. Someone who will act as your biggest supporter, your best friend.

Don’t waste your time with someone who makes your life harder than it has to be— because relationships are supposed to make you happy, they’re supposed to make you feel comfortable, they’re supposed to make you feel at home. TC mark

Article originally posted by Thought Catalog.