Oil Rig Worker Wins the Lottery

Original story posted by Huffington Post

Everyone day dreams about winning the lottery and what they would buy. Perhaps a new house, exotic cars, luxury vacations, etc. While everyone day dreams it rarely ever comes true. Except for one Alberta man who actually predicted he would win the lottery and later went on to do it.

Randall Rush was running house hold errands when he won a massive $50 million dollar jackpot. He ran into the grocery store near his home to buy cat food for his cat Conway Kitty. While grabbing the cat food he decided to grab to check his lotto tickets.

As Randall scanned several tickets most of which were a bust the last ticket set the machine into a frenzy. The last ticket he had checked was the winnings numbers to one of Canada’s largest ever jackpots.

A devout Christian Randall exclaims that he believes the winnings to be a ‘gift from God’.

Randall said that for a good 15 minutes him and the teller grocery store jumped up and down in celebration.