Struggling Dad Breaks Down in Tears After Life-Changing Experience.

Former Illinois security was Shane Bouvet was barely making ends meet. He was working 70 hrs a week just to live pay check to pay check. Shane was to be admired because even with an insane work schedule he found time to pound the pavement as a volunteer for the Trump campaign.

After local press shed light on Bouvet’s hard work and dedication the story caught the attention of the big man himself Donald Trump. Trump’s campaign staff invited Bouvet to an inaugural ball hosted at the Lincoln Memorial.

Bouvet who was flat broke didn’t even have the money to buy a proper suit to wear to the event. A close friend of his offered to lend him a suit and dress shoes.

When he finally came face to face with Donald Trump he was star struck.

Trump fully aware of Bouvets contribution to his campaign he grabbed him by the shoulder and exclaimed “This is the greatest guy”.

Bouvet was in for a surprise much bigger than meeting Trump himself. Before letting go of his shoulder for the photo. Trump leaned over to one of his staff members and said “Send him a check for $10,000”.  

Bouvet knees buckled and he fell to the floor in tears. He couldn’t believe the kind gesture Mr. Trump had just ordered on his behalf. Trying to speak through his tears he was heard saying “Did that just really happen”