Sunken British Submarine From WWII Finally Found More Than 60 Years Later

Shipwreck diver Masimo Bondone claims that he has finally found the wreck of British submarine HMS P311, which went missing during World War II more than six decades ago.

Bondone found the sunken submarine off the coast of Sardinia. The vessel originally carried 71 crew members who all perished in the January 1943 wreck, probably caused by a mine.

The HMS P311 was the only ship of its class to never be given a name — it sank before it could be named the HMS Tutankhamun after the legendary boy pharaoh.

“Just think of the fate of those who found death down there,” Bondone told La Nuova Sardegna.

“A fate shared by many men of different flags, submariners in particular,” he added.

Officials say it’s likely that the 71 crew members’ bodies are still sealed inside.

Patrick Browne of The Local reports, “The wreck is in excellent condition, with only its prow showing damage from the explosion. In all likelihood, experts say the vessel’s inner chamber was not flooded as it sank.”

Likely, those bodies will stay buried in the ocean.

“Wrecks are only raised if there are extremely compelling historical or operational reasons to do so,” a Royal Navy spokesperson told The Local.

“Once a military vessel sinks it becomes a war grave and is left where it lies.”

Thankfully, the mystery of the HMS P311 is now solved and the case of this historical tragedy can be closed.