This Indian Entrepreneur is Being Hailed as a Hero.

His genius invention is rapidly taking off.

Most teenagers want to play video games or hang out with their friends. Not Siddharth Mandala, motivated by the Indian movement to protect women he was inspired to create a revolutionary self defence product.

What he invented is nothing short of pure genius.

Siddharth invented the ElectroShoe. Using 0.1 Ampere of electricity it can help a women deliver a powerful shock to an assailant, thief or attacker allowing them to escape safely.

The shoe charges using the energy generated by your foot steps also known as the “piezoelectric effect”.


The more the user walks the more energy is stored in the on board battery.

My prototype failed 17 times. While experimenting, I faced electrocution twice

Siddharth was awarded a prestigious letter of appreciation from the Cheift Minister of Telangana. His work is notable in the movement in helping women feel safe when commuting.


With many safety organizations and non-profits are lining up to buy Siddharth’s invention. I think it’s safe to say that Siddharth is only a few steps away from being well-off!

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