This Is The Epic Cuteness That Ensues When Your Wedding Party Is Made Up Of Dogs

It’s not very often that you see dogs in attendance at weddings, let alone as bridesmaids or groomsmen.

However, one couple couldn’t imagine getting married without their furry buddies by their side, so not only did they make their two malamutes part of the wedding party, but they gave each of them the coveted roles of best man and maid of honor!

Meet Phil, Niko, and Milo the cat. Their parents adore them so much that they wanted all three to be there when they exchanged vows.

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That’s why they decided to make Phil and Niko a part of their wedding.

Phil's custom made dickie bow #alaskanmalamute

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Unfortunately, their wedding venue didn’t allow cats, so Milo had to stay home — but he still got to wear a cute bow tie anyway!

He also made it onto the wedding cake along with his furry siblings.

On the big day, the two sweet malamutes were all dressed up and looking adorable.

They definitely made their newlywed parents proud…

Family tied the new Mr and Mrs Matthews #alaskanmalamute

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…and the pictures turned out to be absolutely precious.

My other special guy #alaskanmalamute

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These cuties were a big hit with all the wedding guests, too!

My brother was keeper of our most important guests of the day #alaskanmalamute

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I’m sure the bride and groom will agree that their special day was made even better by the presence of their adorable pups.

Nikos view #alaskanmalamute

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Dogs make everything so much better. If you want to check out more photos of Phil, Niko, and Milo, be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Article originally posted by Viral Nova.