This Rescued Blue Jay Visits His Hero Every Day, But That’s Not Even The Best Part

There’s all kinds of conflicting advice out there about how to handle an injured bird.

When Dina Thiessen found a blue jay abandoned at the base of a tree, she got in touch with a wildlife rescue, who told her to let the baby stay put and hope its mom would come back. When that didn’t happen, though, they told her it was time for action.

This isn’t your ordinary rescue story, however. Dina may have saved the blue jay, but little did she know just how important he was about to become.

Dina brought the bird, who she named Gracie, into her home. He was kept on a screened-in porch to help him stay used to the outdoors.

He grew, and Dina taught Gracie how to forage for bugs and berries.

Does this show the power of women, and the bond of motherhood or what!! Team Gracie has no off-season 😊❤ if you zoom in to the screen just in front of Gracie you can see the insect that Gracie and Dina are focused on. Even before baby Gracie could securely perch, Dina held him in her hands and directed him toward the insects in our screened-in patio. In every sense of the word, dina was a mommy to baby Gracie, and that continues today. There is so much more to tell and I cannot wait to share it in my upcoming book. It is completed but I am currently searching for a publisher. *** Make no mistake, friends, cancer is a fight that I hope no one has to face. During the first two months there were both manageable and bad days. After that the battle was uphill , but Dina got through it and I hope and pray that you will too, if that is your fight. #mom #teacher #foraging #birds #birdsofinstagram #wildlife #wildlifephotography #animals #rescue #publisher #bookstagram #books #bookpublisher #nyc #author #memoir #cancersurvivor #cancer #fight #women #bookclub #snapchat

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At first, Gracie didn’t want to leave. Eventually, however, he flew off to start his life in the wild. That didn’t mean he was gone, though.

For two and a half years, Gracie has come back to visit every day. When Dina was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, he continued to show up, sitting with her in her time of need.

Whether he’s just looking for food or truly bonded to this family, his presence was a constant source of comfort for Dina in her time of need.

Disney: get this bird a movie pronto! If you want to follow along with Gracie and Dina’s adventures, you can find them on Instagram.

Article originally posted by Viral Nova.