Toronto Exotic Car Dealership Facing Massive Public Backlash for Rude Service

Every business likes to say that ‘customers come first’ but we all have had experiences where you as the customer are treated terribly. For one young Toronto man “terrible customer service” doesn’t even begin to describe his cringe worthy experience at a local exotic car dealership.

Jason Lyall walked into a Toronto extoic car showroom only to be accosted by the junior sales rep. Jason who had entered the showroom to view the new Lamborghini Huracan Spyder was wearing nothing more than a tee shirt, basketball shorts and flip flops.

While circling the vehicle for a better look Jason was quickly stopped by sales rep David Olson. Like all high-end sales reps Olson was trained on how to ‘qualify’ prospects. Instead of politely trying to figure out if Jason was qualified to purchase the Lamborghini Olson slammed Jason with backhanded insults.

He came up to me and said. Listen I don’t you and your $5 flip flops can afford a Huracan. Why don’t you do us both a favour and leave. I don’t want our returning clients seeing some beach bum hanging around our cars. Leave now before security escorts you off the dealership. We have real clients to deal with not tire-kickers

Jason left the dealership in tears after being told in nicer words that he was ‘too poor’ to visit their showroom.

Feeling demoralized Jason took to his Youtube Channel and Facebook to let people know his experience. Within a matter of hours his post had been shared by over 1,500 people.

The dealership faced massive backlash as countless clients called in furious about the story. Clients threatened to take their business to other exotic dealerships if the sales rep was not fired.

Update: The dealership has released a notice saying that David Olson is no longer a sales rep at their establishment.

Sounds like social media backlash is a great way to get justice. Way to go Jason Lyall!