We Hear About Daycare Workers Abusing Kids, But This Perpetrator Is Way Smaller

Most parents drop their kids off at daycare so they can go about their work days without having to worry if their children are being cared for.

With that said, it’s not unusual to turn on your nightly local news and hear a report about a daycare or babysitting service being shut down due to accounts of abuse and neglect. Staff members are required to pass certain state and local clearances in order to work with children, although it’s not unusual for a bad seed to slip through the cracks.

But as one Montana family is finding out, it’s not just the daycare staff that parents should be concerned about. Sometimes the other children can be just as dangerous!

Tracy Blinov and her husband had been dropping their daughter Eliana off at Busy Hands Daycare for quite some time and had never had an issue.

But one evening, the couple received a phone call from the daycare informing them that Eliana had been bitten by another child.

Based on their conversation with staff members, Blinov and her husband were under the impression that the incident was a single isolated bite. After arriving at the daycare to pick up their daughter, however, they quickly discovered that Eliana had nearly 10 visible bite marks on her face and body.

After seeing their daughter’s condition, Eliana’s parents asked the staff to see the surveillance footage from that time. The footage revealed that their daughter had been bitten by the other child for well over a minute before staffers came to her rescue.

Blinov and her husband have yet to make a decision on whether or not they will press charges but have mentioned that after a visit with their family doctor, Eliana was put on antibiotics due to her injuries.

Local police are still investigating the daycare and are getting child protective services involved.

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Kids will be kids, but do you think the staff at Busy Hands should have been more aware of what was happening? Share this post with all your parent friends and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Article originally posted by Viral Nova.