When Dad Couldn’t Find A Sitter For Date Night, He Did Something So Cute

Having a child can be one of the most joyous experiences, but every now and then, having a little one can really put a damper on the romance.

That’s why babysitters are so crucial. After all, parents need date nights every now and then!

But blogger LadBaby had a hilarious solution to save money on a babysitter while still spending a romantic night with his favorite lady. After his wife’s pleadings to have a night out on the town, this husband had the idea to bring all the best parts of date night to their home without leaving their son unattended.

The husband encouraged his wife to get all dolled up and to be back home by 8p.m. sharp so that the romantic surprises could go off without a hitch.

What he failed to mention to his wife was that the romantic evening would take place in their backyard, which had been completely transformed with the addition of an inflatable pub.

And while they had their fun, they kept an eye on baby.

I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen a date night quite like this.

Okay gentleman, would you try this for your significant other? I personally think it’s an adorable idea!

Article originally posted by Viral Nova.