Young Man Breaks Down Looking At Balloons For An Incredible Reason

Imagine going through life never having witnessed the bright sun rising in a pink and orange sky or the autumn leaves changing color.

For those suffering from color blindness, this is a harsh reality. Color blindness can affect people in different ways. While most people suffering from it lack the ability to see color in general, others can distinguish certain colors, while other colors appear washed out in black and white. But thanks to advances in eyewear technology, the gift of sight now comes in a small box!

This young man had spent his entire life completely colorblind.

But after his family and friends pitched in to purchase a pair of Enchroma sunglasses, which are specifically designed to help colorblind people see things as the rest of us do, his life was forever changed.

When he sets his new sights on a bouquet of balloons, he totally breaks down.

“My entire family chipped in to buy these glasses for me, which allow me to see colors. I felt a lot of emotions when I put those glasses on for the first time; but most of all, I felt happiness. The colors popped into my eyes, and over time, they became more and more vibrant! When I started crying, I just thought, ‘Is this how the world looks? I can’t believe this is happening!'”

While technology can sometimes be a burden to us as a society, it’s moments like this that make technological advancements seem more like miracles.

Article originally posted by Viral Nova.