5 Tips to Improve Your Chances Against the House

We all have wild dreams of beating the house. Pulling the lever at the exact right time or throwing the dice the exact way in order to hit a life changing win. Unfortunately, for most of us the chances of hitting an eye-numbing jackpot are very little. That being said there is a few ways you can play smarter in order increase your chances of going home with a few extra bucks. These tips should help you stay in the black during your vacation to Vegas!

Know the Odds.

Due to harsh regulations every machine in Vegas is marked with the actual odds of winning. When looking for where to throw your coins find a game that has a good set of odds. Don’t just fall for the big celebrity brand names or flashy lights.

Split the Risk.

Play with a friend. This way you are not on the hook for everything. While the upside may not be as exciting the counter point is that the downside won’t ruin your day as bad. This also makes it a team sport and more enjoyable. It’s way more fun yelling at the tables with your friends then sitting solo pulling a lever.

Easy on the Booze.

Pretty self explanatory. The more you drink the less dialed in you are. The more likely you are to make stupid mistakes. Grab one or two but don’t push it. Get in the zone and focus on the game. The last thing you want is your glass of Henney making the decisions.

Play to Your Strengths.

Focus on playing games you understand well. If you don’t know the rules or have no clue how to play strategically don’t waste your time at new games. If you pick random games or difficult games that require knowledge you will be burning through cash to “learn” which can expensive fast.

Milk the Perks.

Every hotel in town is fighting for your business. Make sure that you let the hotel know before you book that you plan on dropping some serious dollars on the floor (even if your not serious). Because what will happen is they will offer you perks such as room service, free plays, even concert tickets. What you make lose on the tables you could make back on the back end through perks and complimentary gifts from the hotel.

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